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Control Engineering Europe (CEE) continues to serve the region’s senior engineers keeping them informed on the latest control, automation and instrumentation developments that will allow
them to run their plant and production facilities as efficiently as possible.

Recognised as the region’s pan-European authority, CEE’s 30+ years of success is founded on the highest editorial values. The magazine serves the market through its excellence in delivering the information our readers want in the formats they desire including; print, online and face-to-face formats.

Control Engineering Europe is dedicated to those senior European engineering managers who design, maintain or manage control/instrumentation systems and equipment. We understand
the industry and bring our readers global and regional insights that have value to their business operations both today and tomorrow.

For the advertiser, our unique, independent and authoritative subject matter engages our audience and provides you with highly relevant, diverse media opportunities to influence key
European engineering managers.

Suzanne Gill